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Even more than two decades after the genocide and despite a widely stable political landscape the situation of many Rwandans remains tremendously difficult. With a GDP per capita of US$ 700 per year Rwanda still belongs to the poorest countries of the world. Around 60% of all people live in extreme poverty (Human Development Index of United Nations, rank 163 of 188, in 2014).

Especially the orphans whose parents were murdered during the genocide or died on the consequences of it, suffer from harsh living conditions until today. Many of these orphans which often have to make their own ends meet but also many young and not directly by the genocide affected children have no access to comprehensive education. Many of them, however, have the wish to go to school regularly in order to escape the continual uncertainty and poverty. There are several feeless, governmental primary schools but the more widely spread private primary schools require additional fees. Also visiting the secondary school is connected to fees. The same applies to universities and apprenticeships in vocational training centers. For many children and adolescents schools, apprenticeships or universities are not affordable.

Your help is urgently needed! You can support the underprivileged by enabling them to help themselves through one of the following sponsorships:

Child sponsorship

Apprenticeship sponsorship

Study sponsorship (Bachelor’s degree)

Study sponsorship (Master’s degree)

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