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Transparency – Aid that works

It is important to us that your donation reaches the desired and agreed cause to 100% and all godparents and donators are continuously informed about our work. Hence, all contributions of the godparents are immediately transferred via online banking to the respective godchild, his/her parents or guardians or – if possible – to the educational institution in charge. Based on the transfer receipts all transactions can be proven without any gap.

Beyond that you receive

  • A personal godparent sheet with information about “your” godchild
  • Frequent information about the development and the progress of “your” godchild (annual, personal reports, certificates etc.)
  • Direct contact through letters or emails, if desired
  • Frequent activity reports about the work of the Child and Youth Aid Rwanda
  • Annual donation receipts

All project members in Germany work voluntarily for the Child and Youth Aid Rwanda. The low incurred costs for administration (printing, postal services etc.) are financed privately by the project members. The Rwandan project partners receive a monthly expense compensation, e.g. for bus tickets for visits of godchildren on-site or phone cards for regular contact with the children, schools, universities etc. All that is covered with general donations.

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