Sonja Suermann

Sonja has accompanied the project from the beginning. Social engagement is a matter of the heart for Sonja. She currently lives in Düsseldorf and coordinates the project from there. She corresponds with the sponsors in Germany and is in touch with our project partners on site in Rwanda. Whenever possible, Sonja travels to Rwanda to visit the sponsored children and to get an impression of their current situation.

In Germany she works as a teacher at a comprehensive school in Essen. Apart from working for the children in Rwanda, she helps refugee families in her free-time and until recently was the spokesperson for an Amnesty International group in Düsseldorf. Since her long stays in Guatemala and Colombia, she has also supported several children in Latin America. She is currently completing a distance learning course to acquire a master’s degree in sustainable development cooperation.

You can reach Sonja at:
+49 1577 9317515

Sonja Suermann