Murakaza neza ...

…welcome to Child and Youth Aid Rwanda!

The Child and Youth Aid Rwanda supports orphans and underprivileged children and adolescents in Rwanda by personal sponsoring. The sponsorships contribute to the funding of comprehensive education (school, vocational training, university). Furthermore, they help the beneficiaries to achieve economic independence. Beyond that, the Child and Youth Aid Rwanda grants livelihood-securing and emergency support for children and adolescents in need as well as their families. Various special projects complement our work.

On our website we report on previous activities, explain our goals and provide you with an impression of the situation in Rwanda. We invite you to learn more about the lives of the children and adolescents in Rwanda and your opportunities to help.

Donate now: School in the sector Rutunga!

For us, education is one of the decisive pillars for providing prospects for a positive future to children.

With the support of sponsors and other partners we build a school in Nyamvumvu (a village in the sector Rutunga) where there is no educational institution for children.

Get to know more about the endeavour here and also how you can support us in this project which is important to us from the bottom of our hearts.

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