Personal Sponsorship

Even more than two decades after the genocide and despite the largely stable political situation, the economic situation of many Rwandans remains extremely difficult. With a gross national product of US $ 787.00 (per person and year; in comparison to Germany US $ 46,473.00) Rwanda is one of the poorest countries in the world. Almost 40% of the people live below the national poverty line and according to the United Nations Human Development Index, Rwanda is currently ranked 157th out of 189 countries (2019)).


While in the years after the genocide (1994), mainly orphans, who often had to make a living on their own, suffered from poverty, today also children who are not directly affected by the genocide still have no access to a comprehensive school education. Many of them would like to go to school regularly to be able to free themselves from the spiral of ignorance and poverty. There are now public primary schools which are almost free of charge, but the much more widespread private primary schools and all secondary schools usually charge high school fees that are unaffordable for many families. The same applies to university studies or vocational trainings.

Support is urgently needed here! You too can help people to help themselves by taking on one of the following sponsorships:

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Accompany a child part of the way

Curious toddlers, bright students and undergraduates, self-confident trainees – accompanying a child on his or her way through life is an exciting process. With regular information about the development of the sponsored children of our NGO, we want to give the sponsors as many insights as possible into the life situation of the children on site. And trips to the country for a personal visit are also possible.

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