What we do

The project was founded in 1999 by members of the church community St. Matthäus Alfter (Germany) to support orphans in Rwanda who had lost their parents during the genocide in spring 1994.

After losing their parents many of these orphans were entirely left on their own and had to care for themselves. Others were supported by their relatives who, however, suffered from tough economic circumstances themselves and could hardly bear the additional burden. Thus, the primary goal was the support of orphans and their guardians by securing livelihood as well as school attendance through personal sponsorships.

Many sponsored children of the “first generation” graduated from school in the meantime, found a decent job and do not depend on external support any more. Others have finished school and are now attending vocational training or university and therefore still depend on regular support. In addition, many children were accepted for sponsorship who may not be a direct victim of the genocide but whose families still cannot afford to provide their children with comprehensive education. Currently, we directly support more than 130 children and adolescents.

Child and Youth Aid Rwanda is active in numerous further areas. With the support of donations we were able to implement a variety of special projects, such as the acquisition of 150 matrasses for a village in Eastern Rwanda, roughly 100 solar panels for families, two water tanks for a school in Rutunga, or the acquisition of 120 goats for the most vulnerable families of two villages.

In 2017, a registered association named Kinder- und Jugendhilfe Ruanda e.V. has been founded in Düsseldorf.