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Winter 2021/2022

Liebe Paten, Freunde und Sponsoren der KJHR, in den letzten Monaten hatten wir wieder das große Glück, die Fortschritte unseres Projektes und die Entwicklungen „unserer“ Kinder in Ruanda zu bestaunen. Vor allem das Schulprojekt in Nyamvumvu entwickelt sich stetig fort – nicht zuletzt dank unserer Lehrer*innen, die den Schüler*innen der Happy Kids School jeden Tag […]


For many people in Rwanda – especially in the country – a goat is a very special gift! Contrary to what is assumed, a goat in Rwanda is not used to obtain goat milk but is considered a sensible and safe investment. However, the goat must be female and well fed so that it can […]


Both state and private schools in Rwanda lack one thing in particular: school supplies! This includes not only schoolbooks, but also coloured pencils, workbooks, scissors and much more. Most students only have one pen and a small notebook that they take with them to school and in which they copy everything that is written on […]


There are only two different seasons in Rwanda: the rainy season and the dry season. Especially during the dry season, people must walk long distances and fetch every litre of water for cooking, washing and “showering” in cans from the nearest water point. Very few people in rural areas have their own water connection, although […]


A solar panel is probably the greatest gift you can give to a poor family in Rwanda! In Rwanda, only 37% of the population have access to electricity ( This means that it is pitch dark in the mud huts at the latest by 6.30 p.m. every day. Besides, many sponsored children in the villages […]


Older pupils and university students often need a laptop to graduate successfully. A laptop costs 320 € and can be obtained in Kigali and handed over to the respective pupil / student personally. In return, the sponsors will receive a receipt and a photo of the handover. If you would like to sponsor a laptop, […]